Physiotherapy Treatments

We offer a variety of physiotherapy services and can work with you to customize a plan specific to your needs.

Physiotherapy treatments can help an injury recover sooner than on its own with less down time from activity level, and the tissues are usually stronger than if left to heal on their own.

Physiotherapy Services Offered:

  • Education to understand the what, where, why and how of your problems. We would discuss your expectations for recovery, what you are able to do activity wise, and if there is anything you should not be doing. It is also important to understand correct posture and body mechanics to do housework and work tasks or ergonomics surrounding use of computers, tablets, and phone.
  • Exercise Prescription. Exercises can increase your range of movement, flexibility, strength and physical conditioning as well as to decrease pain. In our gym there are weights, elliptical trainer, treadmill, bike and multi-gym. Also included is a wobble board and balance cushions.
  • Manual therapy is techniques that involve hands on treatment. This includes techniques such as mobilization, manipulation, muscle energy techniques, pressure stretches, or deep tendon friction all designed to increase movement of restricted soft tissues, and /or to decrease irritation on a surrounding soft tissues.
  • Modalities. Electrical equipment such as ultrasound, TENS, electrical muscle stimulation or interferential current(IFC) may be used to help resolve swelling, decrease muscle tone, reeducate the muscles how to contract, increase the soft tissue mobility, increase blood flow to the soft tissues and decrease pain.
  • Taping may be used to decrease the stress of injured soft tissues, or to provide enhanced proprioception for joints.
  • Functional Capacity Assessments to objectively determine what a person is able to do safely at work. This can involve a mini scan to look at lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling or other work tasks, or a more involved 4 hour testing procedure, using the ErgoScience Physical Work Performance Assessment.
  • Case management services to work with other health team members, employer, or insurance personnel to facilitate a timely recovery to previous function.
  • Work Conditioning Programs are designed to be 2 hours or longer to help people return to their pre-injury job. This involves strengthening, stretching, cardio activities, lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling and work simulation tasks.. This is usually for people who have been off work due to a motor vehicle injury.

Some injuries heal on their own as simple sprains to joints and ligaments plus strains to muscles. They should recover within 4-6 weeks, so if at 2-3 weeks post injury if recovery has not started on its own, then it would be beneficial to see a physiotherapist.

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