At Physiotherapy Function we work with several partners to help provide our clients with the services and care they require.

Orthopaedic & Sport Medicine Brace and Compression Sock fittings


Arthritis & Injury Care Bracing & Orthotics provide products for arthritis which include osteoarthritis knee braces that provide stability for the unstable knee due to the progression of arthritis, ankle braces that provide functional stability and back bracing.

Brace fittings are done by appointment only at Physiotherapy Function.

pole-walkingUrban Poles in Vancouver, BC.

Their urban poling poles are adopted and endorsed by some of the Top Fitness Instructors & Physiotherapists in Canada.
Urban Poling poles gives you superior performance with all the strength, posture and conditioning benefits of Nordic walking. They have nordic walking poles for people who want to be active regardless of their fitness level, age, and health status. In particular they designed the Activator Poles for individuals with chronic conditions (Parkinson’s) or those recovering from injuries and surgery (hip / knee surgery) as well as older adults who require more stability and balance when walking.

These poles have 8 unique features to increase stability and effectiveness.

For more information, please go to their website. We can provide you with poles if you would like and/or the training in using the poles to become safe and confident.



If you have any questions about how we can help you in either of these areas, please reach out to Jo-Ann and ask!