About Physiotherapy Function

We are a private clinic owned by Physiotherapist  Jo-Ann Graham Spillett, and located on Tacoma Drive in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Physiotherapy Function has private treatment rooms, a gym and a workstation available to help you regain your function.

Our Goal is to get you functioning at your optimum level in a timely manner, with empathy and great customer service.

Jo-Ann has many contacts within the health care team, and if clients have need for other team members to be involved with their care, she will work with everyone involved to ensure her clients get the results they need and deserve.


jo-ann graham spillett, physiotherapistJo-Ann Spillett, Owner and Physiotherapist

Jo- Ann Graham Spillett graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.

She practices physiotherapy in the area of orthopedics, occupational rehab and sports medicine, and has taken many post graduate courses to further her knowledge and treatment tools.

She has worked in British Columbia and all over HRM.  Known by many under her maiden name, Graham, Jo-Ann previously owned Motionworks Physiotherapy in Burnside Park.  In 2006, she went back to working with other clinics in HRM as a Staff Physiotherapist, but realized that she has something unique to offer clients which is difficult to do when working for others and having to operate at a fast pace.

In 2012, Jo-Ann opened Physiotherapy Function and welcomes new and past clients to her new practice.

Jo-Ann’s passion in her work is evidenced by her desire to help people out of painful situations and see them return to activity levels they had prior to the injury, trauma or pain.

Jo-Ann is a firm believer that no two injuries are the same and each individual needs their own program, which takes time to understand and correct the problem.

Her work experience not only includes working with acute injuries, but experience working with chronic pain clients and preparing them for return to meaningful function or work.

Jo-Ann is certified to perform the ErgoScience Physical Work Performance Test, which is a Functional Capacity Evaluation with supported research.

Jo-Ann has a family that have always been involved in sports.  She has worked with physiotherapy committees at the local, provincial and national level and and was a coach/volunteer with minor sports.